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Free Business Resources – Part 2

S.C.O.R.E. - Depending on where you are in your business or industry, there will be aspects you will not know or understand. However, there are ways to mitigate and ways to gain an advantage. A resource to gain added experience, knowledge, and mentorship is to utilize S.C.O.R.E., the Senior Core of Retired Executives. It is the nation's most extensive network of volunteer business experts who can provide mentorship and advice. The executives in the network are aces in their industry who want to give back. Members come from a variety of industries and fields. You can check them out at Their website is pretty useful too. It contains online classes and business articles.

P.T.A.C. – My business is a certified Minority & Women Owned Business. I am also certified to do business with the Federal and local governments. To do business with these municipalities, you often have to bid on projects and respond to Requests for Proposals or an R.F.P. An outstanding resource to help you with certification and landing projects is the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (P.T.A.C.) Most states have them. They do not charge for help; before the pandemic, they offered in-person consulting. So check with your local office.

P.T.A.C. helps companies navigate the bid process because they are familiar with it. In addition, they work with many city agencies and can help you coordinate with the right team to secure bids. In addition, they can also put you on a list to get national bids so you can competitively submit for projects. P.T.A.C. is an incredible free resource; unfortunately, not many people know about them, but now you do.

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