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KLeveille Entertainment and Publishing is an admission based creative agency and production company specializing in original programming, show development, virtual reality, experiential production and creative strategy. As an admission based creative agency; we are highly selective in accepting work. Our goal is to ensure that there is synergy between our clients and staff. It also means that you get the full resources of our agency and more.  Therefore, all work must be submitted to our creative team for consideration and invitation of our services. 



Our purpose is to create content and build experiences that changes the life of the person engaging it, the life of the person being featured or the lives of both parties simultaneously.  We have accomplished all three without sacrificing ratings, viewers, profit or our moral compass.

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experential events

Whether its SXSW or Comic Con, our team can build your company a world class event that will visually illustrate and declare your brands identity. Our experiential production services includes catering, giveaways, virtual reality, space redesign, set design and whatever you can imagine. 

original programming

We conceptualize programming for websites, networks, social media and more. Through research, user feedback and years of experience, we deliver engaging programming to grow audiences. With 30 years experience, we can locate talent that satisfies the vision of a role in your project. Our team has access to traditional and non traditional avenues to find the right fit for you!

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production planning

Want to produce a pilot or a digital series and can't determine costs. We offer production planning to help solve the financial decisions that may be preventing you from taking that creative step. Our team can plan the production for any type of programming within the budget you specify.