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Is Social Media Necessary For Your Business?

Social media can be really fun! It is an excellent way to gain followers who can evangelize your business. The key is to identify the right platforms that work for you and your audience. You should choose a platform that you are comfortable with. For example, Facebook lends itself to older individuals, while TikTok has younger users. Facebook lets you post articles, write blurbs, and utilize multimedia. TikTok primarily uses short video clips. If video clips aren't your thing, that may not be your best choice. However, if it must be that platform, I suggest hiring a savant who can handle your social media. Using a platform that is not your forte will mean poor representation of your business brand.

With social media, start small. For example, if you choose Facebook, learn and master that before expanding to other platforms. A good rule of thumb is that even if you do not intend to use other social media platforms, establish profiles with at least one piece of content driving your customers to the site you really utilize. By owning all the accounts, you will not have to worry about phantom accounts ruining your online representation. To start, I suggest choosing two or three at most because each platform will have to be updated regularly, which can be tricky since there is no uniformity in the posts. Also, each platform and its audience consumes information differently, so it may not be as simple as posting the same content.

Be smart about what you post and why you post. If you sell products, showcasing your product in action once a day or a week is beneficial. However, you may not need to post daily if you are a service-oriented business. For service-based businesses, your post may be testimonials from a client or a project update to show that you are working. Social media aims to populate potential customers with information and examples to entice them to work with you or get a pulse on what your customers may think of your business. If you do not know how to use social media, I suggest Facebook and Instagram as stepping stones. They act as secondary support to your website, and people can still post or send messages to your site. I also advise hiring a tech-savvy professional for a small fee to manage it until you are ready to take the reins.

Remember, social media is about being social. In this world, those who are not on social media aren't friendly! The key to being social is about being in the right setting and choosing a platform that makes you feel comfortable.

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