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Mental Health Check

I am a big proponent of mental health. I am a BIG fan of therapy. I keep up with my own mental health through therapy. I think much of my success is due to the space therapy gives me to reflect and engage my inner human in ways that life doesn’t always give me the ability to do. Mental health is one of those subjects that when people hear it, they tend to minimize the actual affects that it has on someone. Mental health, if not maintained, affects your physicality, social interactions, and emotional dexterity. I have suffered from neglecting my mental health and that caused me to lose hair, develop anxiety, and even lose my physical shape, which made me so insecure. Many people brush off the harmful effects that disregarding your mental health can cause but it is at the root of many problems.

The National Council for Behavioral Health says that in the United States almost half of adults will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. As an entrepreneur, you face a lot of stress to accomplish your goals. Sometimes, driving yourself to limits that may be detrimental to your health. So, in an effort to highlight that you can succeed in business while tending to your mental health, I want to challenge you to be better by doing the following during Mental Health Awareness Month:

1. Meditate or breath for five minutes every day. Set a timer on your phone and go into a place with minimal to no distractions.

2. Turn off your business email and business phone calls at 8pm. I know many of us feel that if we are not available for our business, we may miss out on revenue. The truth is, if you work too much, you are prone to make poor decisions and may increase the risk of bad business. So turn off your phone and enjoy you.

3. Actually take your lunch for an entire 30 minutes with no talk of business. Everyone needs to refuel and recharge. A good lunch means that your body is getting the nutrition it deserves but also drives you to be in the present. As entrepreneurs, we are always thinking of the next move, which is great but also exhausting. Being present during the day allows you to take better stock of your environment and makes you proactive instead of reactive.

4. Sleep at least 8 hours or make sure you stay in bed for 8 hours. Sleep is good for the brain. It allows you to clear out the toxins that build up. A clear mind means clear thoughts. So, sleep. It may be hard the first few days but your body will adjust. You will also find that you can get more work done with good sleep.

5. Exercise either at home or after work for a minimum of three days for 20 minutes. Your body needs be in shape to keep up with your business. Exercising, which also includes yoga, releases endorphins to your body and keeps your reflexes up.

6. Read a new book or spend time doing something you love. Doing this will help you relax and keep your mind nimble, which may even inspire new ideas for your business.

7. Journal for at least 30 minutes. Take time to express gratitude for all you have: your loved ones, your friends, your home, etc. A gracious person invites more good into their life. You can also track your wins. As I’ve said before, it’s easy to get caught up in what we do wrong, but tracking the successes, even the small ones, will keep you motivated to achieve more.

I guarantee that after 30 days of doing this, you will see some significant changes. Please share them with me.

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