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Pay Someone to Do IT – It will save you more in the end.

I have a superhero complex. I believe I can do anything and everything often by myself. However, once the cape is off, I realize I am a human, and though I can do anything, I shouldn't do everything.

As an entrepreneur, you bootstrap everything to get your business going, which means wearing many hats. You are:

  • The marketing director

  • Social media director

  • Human resource manager

  • The finance manager

  • CEO

  • Distribution manager

  • Happy hour evangelist

I get it; we have to hustle. But here is the kicker - if you have done everything right, your business will grow. It will expand along with each task in your company. The only thing that won't increase is your time or the hours per day.

However, you can get more people to help you! Knowing how and when to lead is just as important as when to let go. Letting go will mean growth and prosperity. You can manage your business with oversight instead of stalking. So hire help. So how do you identify where you need help and how to get it? Here is more advice:

Identify the tasks you love and are good at and spend time on those. For the functions that make your stomach turn, find people who are passionate about them and let them do those tasks. The best way to find people is to ask other business owners or outsource to websites like Fiverr or use LinkedIn for people to bid on your projects.

Remember that by getting help, you are a superhero because you will get the chance to tackle problems you can handle. Building the right team lets you leverage other people's superhero power, making you and your mission unstoppable. You will be able to focus on the big picture of your business and thrive, knowing that you have time to cultivate the next phase of your business.

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