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Reminder – They Failed Before They succeeded, So STOP Stressing.

Before Daymond John was on Shark Tank or the Founder of FUBU clothing, he was a van driver and employee at Red Lobster, residing in Queens, New York with his mom.

In 1992, Daymond wanted to start a clothing line called FUBU ( For US By US). He and three friends worked hard to do it. Despite building a reputation in the Hip Hop industry and his apparel showing promise, Daymond was turned down by 27 banks. Defeated but determined, he pressed on, and his mom mortgaged her house twice to give him the money he needed to start the line. Even when he got money from his mom, he didn't quit his job at Red Lobster until three years after launching the clothing company. By 1998, the company had earned $350 million in sales. To date, FUBU has made over $6 billion in global sales.

Keep pressing when you feel your business isn't growing or the odds are against you. You never know where your funding or support will come from. However, you must move in faith as if the money will go, and eventually, it will.

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