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The Three-Page Website!

Whenever I meet an entrepreneur, the most accessible low-hanging fruit they want to work on besides the business is building a website and social media. Typically, having a website is like a rite of passage, and many people long to do it because it is symbolically the establishment of your business to the world publicly.

However, something tends to happen when people start their websites. They get stuck. They do not know how much is too much or how little is too little. So here is a guide to jump-start your website. It all starts with the basics and only requires three pages.

Your first page or "Home" page, should welcome visitors. Use that page to welcome your visitors to your site and share a mission. Write a note about they will benefit from your product or service. To catch their attention, show photos of your product, images of your team in action, or pictures of the services. People are visual so use high-quality images. To get your visitors invested in you, the product, the service, or both, share what makes your business suitable for them and why you are qualified to do it.

Now that they have been welcomed, highlight services or products you sell. This will be your "Services" or "Products" page. Regarding services, I like to keep prices off and use a button for people to contact for quotes since services can be unique. But if you are selling products, you should use this page as an online shopping cart people can purchase directly. For products, consider including testimonials as a separate page or have them on the sales /product page. Either way, it's an excellent way to get people to see what others like about your business.

Finally, have a "Contact" page so people can reach you or your team. Include an email address, and a submission form people can fill out on the website. That way, they can send it immediately if it is an urgent matter.

On the bottom of each page, make sure to have links to all your social media. Social media is an extension of your website and you want to make sure people can visit those as well.

This three-page website may seem too simple but remember your business will evolve, and so will your website. Start small so you can be nimble when making changes. Once your business forms into the exact vision you have dreamed of, updating the site will be easier and clearer too.

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