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Three Places to Source Legitimate Business When Building A Portfolio

Building a portfolio of work means getting work or clients. So, where can you find projects and potential clients? I got you covered with three roadmaps you can take.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn has become the premier business networking social platform. Not only can you connect with potential colleagues, but you can also follow companies, connect with new contacts and search for jobs. LinkedIn also provides online training and a myriad of other services, including a pro-finder platform where people can request proposals on projects to which you can submit. In addition, LinkedIn also has groups by industry, trades, hobbies, schools, and more. You can join those groups and potentially meet future clients or collaborators based on your service or product.

Facebook – Facebook may seem like the least likely of places to find clients or opportunities, but you can. Many associations or groups have Facebook groups you can sign up for where jobs, contracts, or leads to work are posted. Not all groups are top notch so exercise some discernment when joining groups. Sometimes, they are filled with Spam and propaganda. However, I belong to a few groups that have proven to give me a pulse on jobs, resources on rates to charge for services, and even industry advice.

Freelance Websites – Now, there are several freelance websites where you can post your services so potential clients can browse your portfolio. There are also sites where clients post a job, and you can submit a proposal. Some websites have better reputations than others, so reading reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings are essential. However, these sites can offer great foundations to build a portfolio or test your service or product before going full throttle. These sites can be highly competitive, so having good photos, copy and samples are necessary for attracting clients. Some caveats are that some sites have price caps or prevent you from connecting directly with the client. So consider using these platforms as a foundation to expand onboard clients fully.

There are countless ways to snag clients. However, I am confident that one of these three options will help you find your next opportunity or will get you prepared for one. So let me know how you do. I am excited to hear about it.

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