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When It’s Time to Fire Your Customer

If you are reading this article and think it is a mistake, it's not! The topic is about firing your customer!

As Entrepreneurs, everyone, and I mean everyone, is trying to secure the bag, aka bag of money! However, not all bags are good. Your time is money. Each time you deal with a customer, it should add to the likelihood that, at some point, it will convert to a sale or build customer loyalty. So definitely give good customer service and offer help to customers.

However, some customers demand more than what is expected or required. Don't get me wrong; there are exceptions when you go above and beyond. For example, if a customer is spending significant amounts of money with you, or if it's Beyonce, go above and beyond. However, if this customer is asking for items or services that are not a part of the initial service or product, it is best to walk away. The reason is that exerting all that energy to accommodate that one customer may cost you others or time and money. For example, if this customer is seemingly unsatisfied no matter what, and you are constantly spending time repairing things that are out of the scope of your services, then you are losing money and compromising your time.

Also, if this customer is taking time away from you, you are not with other customers who could be patronizing your business, or you are not even genuinely working on your business.

Earning a profit is important, but if one person jeopardizes your ability to grow your revenue, then it is time to fire them and move on. Let someone else deal with them. Good Riddance.

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