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Business Expert Karleen Leveille Gets to Be a Shark Judging and Awarding Entrepreneurs Cash in Local

There's few television shows as popular as Shark Tank – and for a good reason, business startups are often interesting, fun and exciting. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Karleen Leveille recently got to share her deep knowledge and experience on a similar platform, being selected as a a Judge for the Queen’s Business Plan Start Up Competition funded by the Citi Foundation.

It's difficult for anyone to know what challenges a startup faces, or to be able to gauge their chances of success, who hasn't led one themselves. This dynamic is played out on a weekly basis on the popular television show Shark Tank, where ultra-experienced entrepreneurs give their guidance (and sometimes money) to eager young businesses. In exciting news, Queen’s Business Plan Start Up Competition recently held their own local “tank” and training/coaching session using the same kind of model as the TV program. Inspirational entrepreneur and philanthropist Karleen Leveille, a former winner of the event, celebrated her selection as a judge – giving her a chance to give back to her roots.

“I am thrilled to be a judge for this year’s competition,” commented Karleen. “As not only a judge but a winner, I am excited to support the initiative that launched my business and now countless others. It is important to contribute to the development of our local businesses and our neighborhood and this competition is a model for doing just that.”

The Queen's Business Plan Start Up Competition is funded by the Citi Foundation, to help the borough's local entrepreneurs kick start their business efforts in a high energy way, shown to produce results. This is backed up by the Queens EDC's StartUP! Program, which works with small business owners all year long, delivering training in vital areas like pricing and marketing, and giving them access to key entrepreneurial resources available at the Queens Central Library in Jamaica. Three winners are selected in a number of different highly competitive business categories.

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