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Celebrated African American Entrepreneur Karleen Leveille to Serve as Mentor for Digital Undivided

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Experts agree, few things deliver as much value to a young entrepreneur as being able to work with a proven successful accelerator program. Giving back to her roots, CEO and Founder of KLeveille Entertainment and Publishing Karleen Leveille recently announced she will be acting as a mentor for Atlanta's Big Incubator accelerator, for high potential Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs.

When it comes to learning the ins and out of business in the real world, having the right mentor can make all the difference in the world. In that spirit Karleen Leveille, a widely praised African American woman entrepreneur responsible for the launch of two successful social entrepreneurship endeavors and one current media entertainment business, has announced she will be acting as a mentor for high growth/high potential Black and Latino woman entrepreneurs participating in Digital Undivided's BIG Incubator 26-week incubator being held in Atlanta.

“The reason I have made it thus far in my career are because of organizations and programs like Digital Undivided and their BIG Accelerator,” commented Karleen about the exciting opportunity. “As a woman of color, it is not often that we see representation of us or even have access because of the systemic biases that exist. So to be able to pay it forward and to support other woman is important for me and my role in the digital, media and technology industries.”

Karleen Leveille is the Founder and CEO of KLeveille Entertainment and Publishing, who produce reality television and docu-series for the biggest networks in television and content with big name brands such as Google. Karleen brings over a decade of experience in entertainment and business. She intends to share with the women participating in the Big Incubator and Accelerator her experience as an entrepreneur. Most recently, Karleen has been signed to direct all of the celebrity interviews for Fandango at this year's Sand Diego Comic-Con, a coveted and hard fought position, quite rare for a woman to achieve.

Karleen Leveille Presenting to Crowd

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