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Karleen Leveille Celebrated Women's History Month With Inspirational Opening at the Escape Artis

Women's History Month is something that inspires passion in a great many people and business leader Karleen Leveille, increasingly well known for her public speaking engagements, is no exception. Recently, Karleen addressed what Women's History Month means to her at the opening of the Escape Artists Collective's “What's Her Story” gathering to an enthusiastic response.

The fight for women's rights is ongoing and vitally important and the Escape Artists Collective is one group who engage in it fully. Recently, the group who aspire to provide a “point of interaction between artists and their observers”, held a thought and action provoking “What's Her Story” event in honor of the the month. Entertainment business leader Karleen Leveille is honored to have been featured as the opening speaker, delivering a super-charged, inspirational look at the issues facing women today, how they can be addressed and the ongoing value of Women's History Month in general and heroic, defiant women specifically.

“When women are still earning less than our male counterparts and are still tasks with challenges at work, the opportunity to celebrate and share our stories thwart those obstacles,” remarked Karleen. “It also allows us to inspire each other. The fact that there was an avenue created by Jasmine Castillo, in the Escape Artists Collective, to help us do that in such a wonderful way is amazing and I was excited to be a part of it.”

This year's event saw the Escape Artists Collective deliver an exhibit shining light on the work of 12 defiant women artists, remarkable in their diversity, who faced a wide range of challenges to be be able to express themselves through their art.

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