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New York, New York - March 10th, 2023: Award-winning producer and television journalist Karleen Leveille has been tapped to launch a global business series on Curio, the subscription-based platform that offers curated journalism in an immersive audio experience. The series titled, Connected is a daily show that taps into the tech and business zeitgeist. The host, along with a dynamic editorial team, cover articles that discuss issues impacting the world of business and technology.

Karleen will bring her expertise as an entrepreneur, global journalist, and business savant to share thought-provoking analysis' of each topic and its meaning. She will highlight the innovations, changes, threats, and risks that impact the world and discuss what’s driving change in the business world to audiences.

“I have always had an appetite for all things business, and to have a space where I can share that love while engaging and informing listeners is a dream come true,” said Leveille.

The show launches on March 13th and will be available to all subscribers.

About Karleen Leveille: Karleen Leveille is an Emmy award-winning Producer and News Anchor. She is the owner of KLeveille Entertainment, a production company that transformed the entertainment industry with innovative content and productions. Its purpose is to create content that changes the life of the person watching it, changes the life of the person being featured, or changes the lives of both. Her content has been seen across the globe on airlines and nationally on networks including the Oprah Winfrey Network, CBS, and the Discovery Channel. In addition, Karleen has broken barriers in her industry by becoming the first woman and the first of color to direct Fandango's 2017 coverage of Comic-Con. Karleen has also overseen campaigns and experiential events for Google, Spectrum, Verizon, and Politico. Karleen served as the Morning Anchor at WBNG’s 12 News morning show, where she became the first Black Anchor to host the tentpole broadcast.

About Curio: Curio is a subscription-based app where you can hear great journalism. We curate outstanding journalism and offer it as immersive audio. Our partners include the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, and Aeon. We are building Curio to help people understand the ideas shaping our future and become connected to the world anytime and anywhere. We want to empower people because we passionately believe that inspired people change the world.


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